Goldfinches at Bird Feeder Get Surprised by Squirrel

We had a lot of activity at our bird feeders today. While watching the Goldfinches, we got a little surprise when a squirrel so calmly snuck up, grabbed a little snack and disappeared as quickly as he came. Check out my other bird videos on YouTube at Backyard Birdlady. Please subscribe and share. Thanks for stopping by!


Bird House Selection Has Already Begun In Our Yard And It’s Only February!

Recently I started getting our birdhouses ready for the Spring nesting season, and not a minute too soon! With the nice weather we’ve been having here in the Northeast, the birds have already started to scout out and select their homes.

In just the last couple days, I’ve witnessed multiple Sparrows eagerly exploring 5 of our 14 birdhouses. It’s fun to watch them explore different houses… They usually sit atop of them and ponder whether or not this might be the one. Next, they may enter the house and try out the fit. If the house is clean and big enough for their nesting requirements,  it has been my experience, that once they have chosen their home-tweet-home,  they proceed to sit on top of it and proudly sing their little hearts out. They don’t seem to venture far from their chosen house for too long, so as to not let another bird steal it from them. Continue reading Bird House Selection Has Already Begun In Our Yard And It’s Only February!

Extremely Rare Purple Eagle Spotted…


Extremely rare Purple Eagle spotted in Lewiston, NY tonight! Only one Purple Eagle is known to be in existence. The Purple Eagle towers at approximately 7 feet tall and frequents Niagara University sporting events. With it’s large beak, it is capable of eating hamburgers and french fries in a single bite. When it gets excited, it jumps around and dances to what’s referred to as “the victory dance”. If you too would like to see the extremely rare Purple Eagle, visit #niagarauniversity #menshockey #gopurpleeagles #lewistonny

Get Ready For Spring Birding Season

finchEven though it’s the middle of February and you may still have snow on the ground (like me), it’s not too early to start getting prepared for the Spring birding season. Whether you’re new to backyard birding, or a seasoned birder, here are some tips I think you might find helpful.

(1) Set up a new bird feeder (or two or three)- this will begin to attract birds to your yard. The birds you see at your feeder(s) just might nest in your yard come Springtime. I use multiple feeders with a variety of foods to entice as many birds as possible. I will talk about types of bird feeders and bird foods in an upcoming post. Continue reading Get Ready For Spring Birding Season

Meet the Backyard Bird Lady

Our amazing backyard pond that attracts birds, bees and frogs, not to mention raccoons.Welcome to my new blog, Backyard Bird Lady! While I’m new to blogging, I’m not new to backyard birding. I have been feeding, sheltering and watching my feathered friends for 15 years now. My hope is to share my tips and  what I’ve learned over the years and hopefully encourage you to get involved in backyard bird watching.

If you’re new to backyard birding, or if you just like to watch these little beauties in your yard, then I hope you will find my site of interest, and even educational. This will be a great birding site to share with all your friends.

Over time, some of the things you can expect to see here are:

  • Tips on attracting birds to your yard and keeping them there
  • Feeding birds
  • Sheltering birds
  • Common backyard birds
  • Bird identification; facts and photos
  • Bird habitats
  • Food types
  • Feeder types
  • Bird house plans
  • Water features
  • Gardening for the birds
  • Dealing with predators (cats, squirrels, racoons and other birds)
  • Updates, photos and videos of our backyard birds and their young
  • Feeding the birds in winter
  • Bird sightings
  • Kids Corner: Word Searches, Crossword Puzzles, Name that Bird and more

Thank you for visiting Back Yard Bird Lady. Please bookmark this page and subscribe to my blog and share it with your friends and family.