Earth Day | Bird Feeders Made From Recycled Products

Today is Earth Day 2017, a day when we are reminded to reuse, recycle and repurpose everyday items that might otherwise end up in our landfills and further pollute our planet. If everyone did their part to recycle, we could reduce the amount of garbage we produce and lessen the impact it has on our planet. I read an article online today that said the average person throws away approximately 2 1/2 pounds (1.134 kg) of trash per day- that’s a lot of garbage! Just think about all of the items that go in the trash at home, school, and work, then multiply that times the 319 million people that live in the United States or the 7.4 billion people in the world.  It’s mind boggling! What are we going to do when we run out of landfill space? And do we really want to continue looking at landfills? Something needs to be done and recycling is a great way to start.

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Owl Prowl a Huge Success | Eastern Screech Owls Spotted

So my boyfriend and I participated in an Owl Prowl sponsored by the Buffalo Audubon Society at the North Tonawanda Nature Preserve this past weekend. Our guide, Naturalist Tom Kerr, took us and a group of about 8 other people on an hour and a half walk through the nature preserve in search of the Eastern Screech Owls that call this area home.

Due to the recent rains, the preserve was a muddy mess, however, this didn’t stop any of us. We came prepared with waterproof boots, binoculars, flashlights, and cameras. I would highly recommend face masks or a scarf for any future walks in the middle of a woods in the dark, as we kept getting whacked in the face with tree branches. Continue reading Owl Prowl a Huge Success | Eastern Screech Owls Spotted

Squirrels | Cute & Fuzzy or Pest & Nuisance | Squirrel-Proofing Your Birdfeeders

At first glance, how could squirrels be anything but cute & fuzzy? With their bushy tails, cute little noses, big black eyes, and those little paws- picking up and holding food in an almost human-like manner- who wouldn’t see them and instantly fall in love? To watch their acrobatic antics as they chase one another around the yard, scurrying up trees and across fences, branches and wires is just plain cuteness overload.


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Attracting Baltimore Orioles to Your Yard

If you’ve ever seen a Baltimore Oriole, you have witnessed some of natures most profound beauty. With their vibrant orange and black colors, and their distinctive sound, they are almost impossible to mistake. Once they begin showing up in your yard, they may very well become one of your favorite birds.

Female (top) and Male (bottom)

Baltimore Orioles are members of the Blackbird family, and a sub-species of the Northern Oriole. These beautiful birds are most commonly found in woodlands, parks, suburbs and in backyards. They are one of the last birds to arrive in the Spring here in the Northeast, typically arriving in May, and the first to leave in the Fall, heading to warmer climates as early as September. Orioles migrate to Mexico, Central America and South America.

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