Bird of the Week | American Robin | Attracting Robins to Your Yard

Until recently, when someone spoke of Robins, I pictured a mid-sized songbird, grayish-brown in color with an orange-red breast and belly. It wasn’t until I started following other “birders” on Instagram that I found out there is another Robin in the world. This not-so-new Robin is the European Robin! American Robins are actually named after the European Robin because of their red breast, and while both are part of the Thrush family, they are not closely related.

(Photo of European Robin courtesy of Wikipedia; American Robin- Karen Hance)

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What a Sight to Wake up to! Three Beautiful Red Cardinals in my Tree on a Snowy March Day


While I had hoped to awaken to bright sunshine, warmer temperatures and the sound of singing birds, it seems that Mother Nature had other plans for me. What I saw instead was four inches of freshly fallen snow on the ground, snow covered trees and a beautiful snow, still falling- as if being in a freshly shaken snow globe. There was quite a flurry of activity at my bird feeders, however, the birds were more interested in eating than singing.

As much as I dislike the snow and cold weather, I couldn’t help but see the beauty that nature had provided me this morning. As I watched the birds (Goldfinches, Cardinals, House Finches and Black Eyed Juncos) fly back and forth from the feeders to nearby trees, I caught sight of three bright red male Cardinals perched ever so perfectly in my River Birch tree. What a sight to behold! It was as if they had posed there just for me to snap their picture.

The picture quality isn’t as good as I had hoped it would be because I took it thru my window and from quite a distance away. I can’t wait to get my new camera and start shooting quality images! I’m excited to see what tomorrow will bring as well.

New Logo Unveiled-B is for Backyard Birdlady-Alpha Birds Blue Jay

B is for bluejay

I am so excited to unveil my new logo today! While searching the internet for images of birds, I came across “Alpha Birds” and totally fell in love with the Blue Jay “B”. Alpha Birds were designed by JK Wimberly who paired individual birds with each letter of the alphabet, from Albatross to Zebra Dove. Ms. Wimberly was gracious enough to allow me to use this beautifully designed image as my new logo for this blog as well as my YouTube channel. These stunning works of art are available on her website along with many other designs. Visit her at or contact her directly at, tell her the Backyard Birdlady sent you.