Earth Day | Bird Feeders Made From Recycled Products

Today is Earth Day 2017, a day when we are reminded to reuse, recycle and repurpose everyday items that might otherwise end up in our landfills and further pollute our planet. If everyone did their part to recycle, we could reduce the amount of garbage we produce and lessen the impact it has on our planet. I read an article online today that said the average person throws away approximately 2 1/2 pounds (1.134 kg) of trash per day- that’s a lot of garbage! Just think about all of the items that go in the trash at home, school, and work, then multiply that times the 319 million people that live in the United States or the 7.4 billion people in the world.  It’s mind boggling! What are we going to do when we run out of landfill space? And do we really want to continue looking at landfills? Something needs to be done and recycling is a great way to start.

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What a Sight to Wake up to! Three Beautiful Red Cardinals in my Tree on a Snowy March Day


While I had hoped to awaken to bright sunshine, warmer temperatures and the sound of singing birds, it seems that Mother Nature had other plans for me. What I saw instead was four inches of freshly fallen snow on the ground, snow covered trees and a beautiful snow, still falling- as if being in a freshly shaken snow globe. There was quite a flurry of activity at my bird feeders, however, the birds were more interested in eating than singing.

As much as I dislike the snow and cold weather, I couldn’t help but see the beauty that nature had provided me this morning. As I watched the birds (Goldfinches, Cardinals, House Finches and Black Eyed Juncos) fly back and forth from the feeders to nearby trees, I caught sight of three bright red male Cardinals perched ever so perfectly in my River Birch tree. What a sight to behold! It was as if they had posed there just for me to snap their picture.

The picture quality isn’t as good as I had hoped it would be because I took it thru my window and from quite a distance away. I can’t wait to get my new camera and start shooting quality images! I’m excited to see what tomorrow will bring as well.

Dreaming of Spring Bird Arrivals, Gardening and Nature Walks…

While contemplating the arrival of a much-anticipated Spring gardening and birding season, I started looking thru pictures of my yard and gardens from the last couple years. All of this made me realize what a bad case of Cabin Fever I have. The Cure? No more snow, warmer temperatures and lots of sunshine!

Golden Raindrops Crabapple Tree

Besides bird watching, my favorite activity is gardening. Many different species of birds are attracted to a wide variety of flowers, as well as trees and shrubs, not only for food but for nesting and protection from the elements and other wildlife. As odd as it may sound, I’m eagerly looking forward to the day when I can get outside, clean up the yard and gardens, and see the harsh effects of a long winter vanish. I’ve already begun leafing thru seed catalogs, planning my vegetable garden, and deciding which new flowers to incorporate into my gardens this year. My yard consists of gardens filled with an abundance of trees and shrubs, perennials, annuals,  a small pond with a waterfall (great for attracting birds and other wildlife), as well as various garden decor and sculptures throughout. Continue reading Dreaming of Spring Bird Arrivals, Gardening and Nature Walks…

Build a Birdhouse Saturday March 4 in Depew NY at Reinstein Woods Nature Preserve

For those of you who live in the Buffalo NY area, the Department of Environmental Conservation is hosting a Birdhouse Building Seminar today (Saturday, March 4, 2017) at 2 pm. Building your wren nesting box will take place at Reinstein Woods Nature Preserve, 93 Honorine Drive, Depew, NY. Registration is required, simply call 716-683-5959 or go to for more information.