The Elusive Frog-Bird | Frog or Bird?

For the past three years or so, I’ve been hearing an unusual bird singing from somewhere near the edge of the woods behind our house. I have heard it in various places in the yard and across the street as well. I have yet to see this mysterious bird that I have dubbed the Frog-Bird.

The woods behind our house where many species of birds live and I hear the elusive Frog-Bird  (Photo- Karen Hance)

You’re probably wondering why I refer to this bird as the Frog-Bird. It’s simple- when it sings, it croaks like a frog and tweets like a bird. It sounds something like this- croak, croak, croak, tweet, tweet, tweet. I have searched online birding sites, googled “bird that sounds like a frog” and cannot find a similar sounding bird or anyone else who has heard one. It’s very good at hiding because I’ve heard it many times over the past few years, but have been unable to locate it. I’m convinced it’s a bird rather than a frog because it tweets after it croaks.

Could this be the Frog-Bird? (Photo courtesy of Alexas_Fotos)

I’d love to know if anyone else has ever heard a bird like this one and what kind it might be. It could be another bird, such as a Catbird, mimicking other sounds, but it’s the same song each time, so I’ve pretty much ruled that out. In the mean time, I will keep listening for and searching out the elusive Frog-Bird.

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Happy Birding!


Bird of the Week | American Robin | Attracting Robins to Your Yard

Until recently, when someone spoke of Robins, I pictured a mid-sized songbird, grayish-brown in color with an orange-red breast and belly. It wasn’t until I started following other “birders” on Instagram that I found out there is another Robin in the world. This not-so-new Robin is the European Robin! American Robins are actually named after the European Robin because of their red breast, and while both are part of the Thrush family, they are not closely related.

(Photo of European Robin courtesy of Wikipedia; American Robin- Karen Hance)

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Owl Prowl a Huge Success | Eastern Screech Owls Spotted

So my boyfriend and I participated in an Owl Prowl sponsored by the Buffalo Audubon Society at the North Tonawanda Nature Preserve this past weekend. Our guide, Naturalist Tom Kerr, took us and a group of about 8 other people on an hour and a half walk through the nature preserve in search of the Eastern Screech Owls that call this area home.

Due to the recent rains, the preserve was a muddy mess, however, this didn’t stop any of us. We came prepared with waterproof boots, binoculars, flashlights, and cameras. I would highly recommend face masks or a scarf for any future walks in the middle of a woods in the dark, as we kept getting whacked in the face with tree branches. Continue reading Owl Prowl a Huge Success | Eastern Screech Owls Spotted

Calling All Owl Enthusiasts | North Tonawanda Owl Prowl

While searching online recently for outdoor Bird Watching activities, I came across an exciting event I wanted to share with you. The Buffalo Audubon Society is hosting an upcoming hike through the North Tonawanda Nature Preserve in search of Eastern Screech Owls.

According to their website,, Naturalist Tom Kerr will be taking us on a guided hike through the North Tonawanda Audubon Preserve. We will be looking and listening for the Eastern Screech Owls that live in the wetland preserve.

Eastern Screech Owl courtesy of Wolfgang Wander via Wikimedia Commons

Eastern Screech Owls are small “eared” owls, measuring only about 9 inches tall (23 cm), however, they have a 20 inch (50.8 cm) wingspan. Continue reading Calling All Owl Enthusiasts | North Tonawanda Owl Prowl